The Peak Nomination Form – Scholars

The Peak is comprised of awards given to Colorado brands to celebrate top marketing talent and elevate the discipline of marketing in our state. The awards are:

Peak Trailhead (first, second, and third place) — New brands in the market 1-3 years
Peak Basecamp (first, second, and third place) — Established brands in the market 3-5 years
Peak Summit (first, second, and third place) — Mature brands in the market 5-10 years
Peak Scholar (first place only) — Any brand/project managed by students

The Peak honors innovative, creative, and integrated marketing: campaigns and tactics that work together to make great brands. A brand may be any legal thing that stands alone with its own identity and a need to engage people to take some kind of action. Maybe it’s a product or a service, or a retail brand, event, politician, nonprofit, for profit, band, artist, celebrity, book, magazine, neighborhood, church, movement, or school. You tell us!


In order to qualify for The Peak, a brand must be managed by a Colorado-based school or university.

You must be able to demonstrate three integrated marketing elements. Elements may be visible (i.e. advertising, websites, videos, speeches, packaging, articles, one-sheets, direct marketing campaigns, logo/identity design, media relations, experiential, environmental, etc.) or invisible (i.e. research, segmentation, automated response systems, telemarketing strategies, sales integration tactics, brand platforms, internal brand integration, etc.).

Student nomination fee is $60.

Deadline is June 3, 2016.

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