Nominate Your Favorite Colorado Brand in 3 Easy Steps

We Coloradans are a pretty fortunate bunch to live in a progressive and beautiful state that is experiencing such explosive growth. The Colorado American Marketing Association is planning an event to match. On June 16th, the marketing community will be gathering at the Denver Children’s Museum to celebrate outstanding Colorado marketers who are building outstanding Colorado brands. The event is called The Peak, and now is the time to nominate a brand that you’ve worked on, a brand you admire or a client’s brand that shines.

By convening an advisory board and listening across our channels, we determined that the marketing awards model needed a shakeup. So instead of recognizing excellence for tactical campaigns, The Peak will celebrate Colorado brands and the people who manage them. A brand can be a product, service, retail brand, event, politician, nonprofit, for profit, band, artist, celebrity, book, magazine, neighborhood, church, movement or school.

We’ve also streamlined the award nomination process so it only takes answering four quick questions. The nomination deadline is May 27. Click here to go to the nomination page. Then, join us for what promises to be a great party on June 16th at the Denver Children’s Museum.