Public Speaking Tips from Jay Mays

By: Taylor Gombar    Soho House’s producing live comedian took center stage at the Colorado American Marketing Association Board Retreat. Jay Mays, Co-Founder of Pitch Lab, draws parallels between sales and comedy to demonstrate public speaking tips for audience engagement. The AMA Board headlined the morning with interactive breakouts that refined presentation delivery, room set-up […]

Snackable Videos: What You Need to Know about Short Form Ads from SXSW Experts

By: Brionna Simons   Do you notice the pre-roll advertisements before watching your favorite YouTube videos? Or the super short commercials during your Hulu and Facebook Watch shows? Then you’ve been delivered a short form video advertisement. New Snacks One of the newest solutions in digital marketing strategies is short video ads. Customer attention spans […]

Black History Month Interview with Brionna Simons

By: Taylor Gombar    Black History Month This February we celebrate the impactful marketing contributions ignited by our local community of color. This vibrant celebration of cultivated talent is not solely recognized during Black History Month, but continually embraced within board rooms each day. We spoke to Brionna Simons, Director of Content for AMA Colorado, […]

‘Your Customer is All You Have’ – Coffee with Lynsay, a SME on Digital Marketing

By: Brionna Simons Lynsay Russell is a Tennessee native with 10 years of digital marketing experience across retail, agency, and medical technology companies. She’s currently the Senior Manager of Global Marketing Operations at Medtronic in Boulder, Colorado and serves as a mentor at the Leeds School of Business. “SME” is a blog series about Subject […]

Girls Just Wanna’ have “FUN-damental” Rights: Gender and Messaging in Advertising

By Taylor Gombar Women’s equality and sexual harassment claims were brought center stage at the 75th Golden Globe Awards. Female activists unapologetically spoke out on gender disparity in the workforce and drew attention to media intimidation. A united voice arose through a sea of black solitude—the voice of misrepresented women shunned by those behind the […]

What’s happening at DIA? Goat Yoga, Ice Skating, and New Signage

By Brionna Simons Last year, the Denver International Airport, or DIA as affectionately named by locals, made several headlines as it welcomed a record high of 60 million passengers. Other buzzworthy news included hosting a free holiday ice skating rink and being ranked #1 in the nation for best airport food. DIA, the country’s sixth […]

The IKEA Dresser May Last Longer than your Operational Efficiency

by Taylor Gombar Enough already! Let’s understand strategy before five more colleagues endorse your LinkedIn skillset. As marketers we can agree to the vital need of strategic positioning in a business plan. Marketers cannot confuse long-term marketing strategies with operational efficiencies. Operational efficiencies merely increase productivity levels. It is easily replicated by any competitor’s larger workforce […]

CO AMA Blog | Politics

New Year, Same You – Brands Taking Political Stances

By Taylor Gombar Brand reflection is upon us with the turn of the New Year and the anniversary of the presidential inauguration. Throughout 2017, companies exposed consumers to various political positions through product campaigns and media releases. New Balance sneakers praised Trump’s opposition on the Trans-Pacific Partnerships, while Cards Against Humanity purchased vacant land along Trump’s […]

CO AMA Blog | TEDx

TED Talk Wrap-Up: What I Learned from an Activist and Former Skinhead

By Brionna Simons TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a nonprofit global community devoted to spreading ideas. A Tedx event is a local level conference showcasing live speakers whom each present a TED Talk, which is a short and powerful talk that sparks deep conversations and connections. On November 11th, thousands gathered in downtown Denver […]

Get a Complimentary Resume Critique!

Increase your chances of being contacted for your dream job. AMA Colorado offers a FREE service to you as a job seeker — RESUME CRITIQUE! This service gives you the opportunity to have your resume sent to a resume-writing expert. Within 48 hours of opt-in, you will receive an evaluation outlining your strengths, weaknesses and […]