Board of Directors

The Colorado American Marketing Association (AMA Colorado) is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. The Board works with other marketing leaders to shape events and drive initiatives helping define the Colorado marketing community. Learn more about your Colorado AMA Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 term below.

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Logan Hale


Luke Schoenbeck


Kim Kudasik

Immediate Past President

Kriss Porco

VP Operations / Secretary

Julie Christiansen

VP Finance / Treasurer

Corey Lakow

SVP of Community

Laura Apodaca

VP of Membership

Blake Meikle

Senior Director, Community

Sarah Zaepfel

VP of Volunteers

Keefer Caid-Loos

VP of Sponsorship

Sarah Lassen

Director of Volunteers

Rory Schaar

Volunteer of Collegiate Relations

Lynsay Russell

Co-Director of Executive Relations

Brooklyn Schacht

VP of Strategy & Data

Gina Masciotro

VP of Email Marketing

Brinton Taylor

SVP of Marketing and Communications

Kyle Haas

VP of Technology

Holly Lieberman

Director of Networking

Margot Goldstein

SVP of Programming

Federica Bologna

Senior Director of Programming

Sammy Berger

Director of Marketing Strategy Events

Taylor Gombar

VP of Content

Tyler Mandroian

Director of Denver Networking Events

Nate Shugrue

Director of Northern CO Events

Melissa Schaaf

Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

Brionna Simons

Director of Content

Alex Cheng

Director of Social Media

David Sikora

VP of Creative